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Venice in Orange Sunset

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. Painted with a Pallet Knife in order to create presence and depth. The long canal give an extra depth sensation resulting in a rich and almost three dimensional painting.

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Starting from $134

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Mysterious setting sun in the most romantic city

The city one of a kind

Have you ever been to Venice?No matter, whether you visited this city, or enjoyed only on pictures, you may still find it alluring and thrilling. Do you know these facts about this wonderful place?

  • - Venice consists of 117 islands, and some of them are man-made, not natural.
  • - This city may disappear someday, because it is going under the water for 2 mm. every year.
  • - No one knows the exact Venice age, but it is believed to be more than one millennium old.
  • - There are more than four hundred bridges, where you can stroll whenever you want.
  • - This is a city of numerous narrow streets, and the narrowest one is only 53 cm. wide.
  • - You won’t find a person, who has never heard of Carnival of Venice. It is widely-known for its elegant masks that may cost from couple of dollars to hundreds or even thousands, depending on the design uniqueness.

No wonder that more and more people choose Venetian style for their apartments, keeping in mind its aristocratic features. If you are thinking of painting your ceilings and walls in this trend, make sure to pick up light pastel colors and choose fancy decorations, completing the image of your apartment.

The sunset over the canal

This adorable painting is made with the help of palette knife, but its strokes are delicate, as if created with the finest brush. It transfers you to one of the most romantic cities of all times, to Venice. This is a city of numerous canals, and one of them you may observe here. It is rather narrow, without any bridges, and it is bordered by low buildings only three storeys high. Their walls in various shades of brown aregladly reflected in the still water of canal. There are two gondolas near houses, waiting for their passengers, and you may also discover their vague reflections on the clear surface. You may see a couple of houses on the background, situated on another street or even island, and they are similar to those on the foreground. But the cherry on top of this canvas is the unbelievably beautiful sky, painted by the setting sun in various shades of white, yellow, orange and brown. Warm palette prevails here, and you will add Venetian charm to your apartment, if you give this artwork a chance to adorn your house.