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Fishermen Boats

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. Painted with different brushes with many layers of oil. The thick texture creates additional depth and perspective.

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Starting from $149

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Fishermen Boats

The romance of the sea

There is nothing as romantic as the open sea. For centuries, its charming and mysterious expanses have lured travelers away from their homes, off to unknown shores and unseen wonders. Melodious splashing of sea waves, gentle rocking of the boat, the play of light on the water surface… And nothing standing between you and the distant horizon. Minutes like these are rare and precious. The author of this marvelous canvas tried to capture the whole gamut of emotions that seize you when you see all this beauty with your own eyes.

A fascinating panorama

The painting called ‘`Fishermen Boats’ is a vivid sample of modern art. The sea is calm and smooth. It’s sunrise and the water is sprinkled with gold and pink hues. Though the bright light of the sun is partially muted by clouds, its warm glow is spilled across the entire sky tenderly touching the wave tops and the boats moored at the pier. They crowded together like a flock of sea birds, their noses turned to the horizon as if mesmerized by the magic of the dawn. In the distance, we can see vague outlines - maybe a city or maybe just an illusion created by the morning mist. The subtle charm of the moment, the incredible palette of the sunrise and the exquisite style of the artist make a lovely combination inviting you to stop, take a deep breath and simply enjoy the view that opens before you.

Feel the flow of waves

An elegant and inspiring canvas like this will make a fine decoration for any room, from a luxurious parlor to a minimalist-style loft. We guarantee high level of quality and maximum convenience of our service:


-       The painting is performed with oil paints on premium canvas which ensures saturated colors and incredible durability.

-       Because the artist uses multiple layers of paint and various types of brushes, the artwork has a visible texture that gives it even more depth and expressivity.

-       DocoArt is known for its moderate price policy and favorable delivery terms. Shipping is possible to all countries of the world at affordable rates.


Let the breathtaking colors of the dawn shine on your wall at any time of the day and fill your home with the salty spirit of the sea by decorating it with this amazing piece of contemporary art!