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Pet Figurine

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Custom Art! Pet Figurine OR Full Head to Paw Pet Figurine
One of our artists will create a vivid stunning Figurine of your Pet. You will actually feel like you are looking at a realistic small version of your beloved pet!
The Figurine standard size is approximately 6.5"/ 15cm high.
Extras like bigger size/ Bubble Head/ Base/ Background can be chosen below. 
You are just a few easy steps away from buying the most special gift you have ever had!

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Starting from $119

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Additional Information

Custom Dog Figurines

There is hardly a more loyal, cheerful and affectionate pet than a dog. Our four-legged companions share the best moments of our life and stay by our side no matter what. We take care of them and treat them as members of the family and in response they are willing to follow and protect us even if it means risking their neck. Is it any wonder we love them so much? If you are crazy about dogs, and most of all your own, we have an offer you’ll find hard to resist – custom-made small dog figurines!

Get a mini copy of your pet!

Remember those small dog figurines at gift shops? Perhaps you even have a few on your book shelves. And now imagine you can actually have one that looks exactly like your own dog! Based on provided photos, our artists will make a vivid figurine of your pet, stunningly similar to the canine model.

  • You can choose one of the body types available for small dog figurines or order a Custom Body that will be painted according to your pet’s fur colors. Note, though, that you won’t be able to amend the body shape if it’s not custom.
  • Small dog figurines come in 4, 6.5, 9 and 12 inches. Each next size adds up to the final cost, so make sure to check with the pricelist before making an order. If you need a bigger size, contact us to discuss the details.
  • Not all bodies are available in all sizes. If you can’t find a body that you like in the chosen size, you can select Custom Body or choose another size to see more body options for small dog figurines.
  • We also provide extras like Bubble Head, Base and Background to make our small dog figurines even cuter!

Small dog figurines for all occasions

Small dog figurines created by our artists will make a great décor item for your office desk or bedside table and a special gift for any pet lover. You will actually feel like looking at a realistic tiny version of your beloved pet! Now you don’t have to part with him no matter where you are – just put a mini copy of your dog in front of you and enjoy his company like he’s actually there. Beautiful, skillfully made and incredibly lifelike, our small dog figurines will make your home cozier and the bond between you and your pet will grow even stronger!