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Two People Dance I

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. This painting is painted with a thin brush and thin layers of oil.

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Starting from $134

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Two People Dance I

New time, new fads

Contemporary art is sophisticated and unfathomable. New forms and ideas spring up like mushrooms getting ever more symbolic and mysterious. Today, you don’t necessarily have to posses knowledge of color theory or composition building to create a valuable work of art. You are free to use any technique to put your message across - and this message, too, can be of any kind you wish. Colorful, perky and stylish, modern art is perfect for adding vibrancy and individuality to your interior, although decorating your place with extravagant contemporary paintings depicting something unidentified is a bold move not everyone will make. But, if you firmly decided that modern art is just what you need, pay attention to this unusual abstract portrait.

Weird dancers

What do we see here? At first, it’s hard to say anything specific about this picture. There are two human silhouettes with no details whatsoever, most likely women, because we can make out outlines of female bodies. However, the proportions are distorted and blurred, the characters are depicted purely schematically and there is even no hair on their heads. Plus there is no indication of their gender in the painting’s name since it’s called simply ‘Two People Dance.’ The dancers are turned away from the audience; one of them is raising her (or his?) hands into the air, another is depicted in motion, with legs crossed and arms put over the bald head. There is nothing else in the painting; only a tense red background with some sense of perspective.

Reading the message

What can this canvas possibly imply? What is the meaning of it? Should we view it as an expression of a spontaneous impulse or some philosophical take on human nature? It’s up to you to decide. Here are some possible explanations of this bizarre artwork:


-    It might be an illustration of our rough physical instincts, wild sensuality uncovered in the most outright nakedness of the human body - female body - and shaped into the unbridled energy of primeval dance.

-    Or perhaps it is a modern hymn to the beauty and imperfection of our kind?

-    Or maybe the artist just tried to convey some vivid emotion, some scene that stunned his imagination and engendered this anxious image, an overpowering vibe they couldn’t fully figure out themselves?

There is only one person who can answer these questions - and it’s you. Keep guessing and enjoying this intriguing, passionate painting as it hangs in the most visible spot of your place!