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The Piano Dance

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. Painted with different brushes with many layers of oil. The thick texture creates additional depth and perspective.

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Starting from $149

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The power of music

Music is one of the most mysterious and captivating types of art. It is born deep inside our heart and expresses our innermost feelings. When we listen to music, it takes us far away, allows our imagination to fly and changes the way we see the world. It can remind us of good and bad things that happens to us, make us sad or happy. It can make our feet dance and our heart sing or put us into a thoughtful and melancholic mood. It can be just a pleasant background when we work, jog, do our home routine or simply walk down the street. But we can’t deny that music is a cure for our soul, whether you play it or just hear it in your headphones. Bringing up various emotions, it gives vent to tension inside us and restores our inner balance. If you love music, this amazing painting will definitely appeal to you!

Notes decoded in color

Music is hard to capture in words or images and this painting is more of a metaphor of someone playing piano than an actual depiction of it:


-    There is actually no piano, just a sequence of keys, bulging and meandering into a breathing ring.

-    A bunch of concentric circles explodes from its middle represents a burst of sounds expressing vibrant emotions.

-    There are spurts of fire coming out of the keys and wonderful flowers blooming in the air as the tune unfolds.

-    Perhaps you can decipher the flaming flourishes of notes floating overhead?

Looking at this painting, everyone will hear their own melody. Some will imagine a slow jazz tune interspersed with tricky chords. Others will hear merry rock-n-roll tinkling with a brisk piano solo. Maybe there is some particular song this canvas reminds you of? Then you definitely need to hang it on your wall! This wonderful music will sound in head when you come into the room and take away all the troubles!


Wide choice of wall art

On DocoArt, there is a large collection of other wall decor options waiting for you. Whether you are looking for a contemporary picture or a classic art painting, you are sure to find one here. All of our works are made in oil on premium canvas to preserve their colors and beauty for many years. Visit DocoArt and pick an artwork you like best!