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National Park Horizontal

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. Painted with different brushes with many layers of oil. The thick texture creates additional depth and perspective.

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Starting from $134

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National Park Horizontal

How much do you spend on your individuality?

Each of us is a unique personality, and we want to show our peculiar traits in all possible ways. We make special haircuts, put on fashionable clothes, buy stylish accessories and do other stuff to accentuate our individuality. Most people don’t limit themselves with modifying their appearance, and we try to decorate our houses in different ways. There are many ideas on how to personalize your home, and here you will learn more about wall art.


 - Original artwork is the best solution, but only if you have a lot of money. If you want a painting, made by a renowned artist, you should be ready to pay thousands, or even millions of dollars.

- Canvas art prints are much cheaper, and you may afford even a famous artwork if it’s printed rather than painted. But there is a catch: you should remember that the quality of such replica is rather poor, and your guests will definitely notice this.

- Cheap wall art is the best solution for those, who appreciate the combination of price and quality. You get an exquisite artwork that looks beautiful, but you don’t pay a considerable amount of money.


The miraculous forest

Have you ever been to a birch grove in autumn? If you like such sceneries, this painting allows you to spend incredible instances in a place that will delight your eyes. You can stroll along the narrow path that goes into the dark forest on the right, or you can stop half-way, and enjoy the shiny water of a small river that is heading left. The silver surface looks cold, as if covered with metal, and there is a slight dimple that shows the presence of a gentle breeze. Both banks are covered with green grass that is getting yellow and even red, due to seasonal changes. There are some leaves on the ground as well, because they are only beginning to fall down, and the trees are still covered in varicolored coats. Some of the birches are still green, as if there were no cold nights and rainy days; others have already changed their summer dresses into red and orange outfits, and they are greeting autumn with those vibrant colors. Tall and slender trees invite you to laze in the sun, absorbing the last warmth, and see the beauty in this seasonal nature renovation.