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Bistro II

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. Painted with different brushes with many layers of oil. The thick texture creates additional depth and perspective.

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Starting from $149

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Bistro II

Urban diversity 

Cities. Big and small, old and modern. Rising proudly on the very coast of the ocean and lurking between the mountains. Basking in tropical sunlight and shrouded with snow. Cities that knew the horrors of war and flourished in peace. Cities where life is slow and dreamy and those where you hardly have a spare minute for your morning coffee. So different and so charming. Is it any wonder that, in contemporary art, cityscape paintings continue to be so widely popular? This adorable canvas depicting a cozy open-air cafe will make a fine addition to your interior decor if you, too, are fascinated with the genre of cityscape.


The scene is undoubtedly very lovely:


-    The weather is sunny and warm; patches of clear blue sky overhead, the juicy green colors of the foliage gilded by the bright sunlight and the scattering of multihued flowers blooming in their beds indicate that it is late spring or early summer.

-    The building is rather old-fashioned; its adobe walls, tiled roof and red tents suggest it’s located somewhere in the suburbs or perhaps in the old part of the town. The signs tell us that this structure encompasses quite a large number of services, from brasserie where you can chill out with a bottle of beer to hotel where you can stay overnight caught in nasty weather.

-    The backyard is severed cozily from the rest of the city; nobody will disturb you here as you sit by a cute round table with a white cloth and a vase of flowers on it and wait for a cup of late or maybe something more substantial. You don’t have to worry about being surrounded by a crowd of strangers - there is no one else in the cafe and you can have it all to yourself.


Put your worries on hold

The entire painting is filled with calmness and reverie. It seems that time has stopped at this place and even if you spend many hours here you will still go out into the same beautiful summer morning and the hands of your watch won’t move an inch. Performed in a distinctive contemporary manner, the scenery seems a bit blurred, unreal, adding to the impression of airiness, as if it’s all just part of your daydream. Prolong this blissful feeling by hanging ‘Bistro II’ on your wall and you will be able to return here any moment!